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Safeguard Against AI Threats

Stop Unauthorized Cloning & Deepfakes

Protect your content, voice, IP and identity from unauthorized AI cloning and deepfakes

Secure Your Voice

Wolfsbane is your ultimate online shield for protecting your recorded content from unauthorized AI clones and DeepFakes. Before releasing your recorded content online, just use our simple interface to upload and quickly process your content; once done it is now protected by the Wolfsbane shield. Our state-of-the-art technology offers a robust defense, designed to effectively combat a wide spectrum of AI cloning tools, giving you unparalleled peace of mind.

Wolfsbane UI Example
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Ensure Digital Integrity

Protect your personal brand in the age of AI. Recently AI voice cloning technology has advanced to a level where the difference between a cloned and a real person's voice is practically undetectable. This means that the security of your unique voice and audio content are more important than ever. Wolfsbane is the leading solution in safeguarding your recorded voice from AI cloning technology. With its cutting-edge protection, Wolfsbane AI ensures that your voice remains distinct and secure, giving you peace of mind in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Why Use Wolfsbane?

Audio Protection

Unmatched Audio Protection

Leveraging our state-of-the-art AI model and encoding system, Wolfsbane AI delivers unparalleled protection.

Invisible Security

Invisible, Yet Infallible

Our cutting-edge process subtly alters your audio with undetectable changes to the human ear but inhibits AI cloning.

Artistic Integrity

Artistic Integrity Preserved

As an artist, content creator, politician, public figure, director, or producer, your voice is your signature.

AI Cloning is a Problem

Wolfsbane is the solution to safeguards your public voice and likeness against unauthorized use.

Wolfsbane Img
Wolfsbane Img
Wolfsbane Img
Wolfsbane Img

"Wolfsbane Countermeasures significantly reduce the risk that your published content will be used for unauthorized AI training, clones and deepfakes."

Wolfsbane AI is available for FREE (Limited Evaluation Use). Contact us for more processing credits or to acquire an unlimited usage license for commercial, NGO, or governmental purposes.